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Bumper School

Here are some helpful videos and for making bumpers.

Used slippery fabric from Andymark in 2022:

When we made the 2022 bumpers we pinned:

  1. the hook side of the blue velcro
  2. blue fabric
  3. red fabric
  4. hook side red

Along one edge and ran two stiches down the edges.

Then draped the material over the bumper frame and found where the center stitch needed to be. Marked with chalk, pinned and stitched.

Then fold on the stich and mark for hook side of the velcro. Red and blue. We skipped the pins and used the chalk line.

Stretch onto bumper frame and staple. Remove material from corners so they don’t look bulged out. Refer to

Cover staples with gaff tape to hide wood.

Used Siser EasyWeed HTV 11.8" x 5yd Roll (White) - Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts - Works with Cricut and Silhouette Cutters

Temperature: 310 for 30 secs Some letters still came off at second event.

Noodle Welding

Didn’t work great for us in 2022. Recommend using black VHB. Grey is not sticky enough.

Bumper Construction

Team Number Application

Bumper Upholstery

Reversable Bumpers

6324 uses SailCloth

Tape the white to cardboard or plywood, cut on laser. (6324 has a 90w and they use 5% power and 100% speed)