Bionics Docs


We rely on many pieces of software to build our robots.

Standard laptop image

We have a number of shared use computers in the shop, donated by our generous sponsors. Below is a list of the software we keep in our base images for these computers.


  • Fusion 360 (CAM for Velox)
  • Carbide Create (Nomad & Shapeoko)
  • Carbide Motion (Nomad & Shapeoko)
  • Prusa Slicer (3D Printers)
  • Inkscape (For Laser Cutter)
  • Adobe Reader (For Laser Cutter)
  • Blender (Animation + Video Editing)


  • WPI Lib Suite (VS Code, Shuffleboard, …)
  • FRC Driverstation
  • FRC Radio Config Tool
  • Github Desktop
  • Phoenix Tuner
  • REV Hardware Client


  • Google Chrome
  • Sublime Text

Specialized desktop software

This software is installed on dedicated-use computers connected directly to the machines they are used to control.

  • Tormach path Pilot
  • Mach3 CNC

Web Applications

  • Slack (team communication)
  • OnShape 3D CAD