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Grizzly Sheet Metal Machine


This machine is a combination of three machines: a sheet metal brake, a shear and slip rollers.

A sheet metal brake is used to precisely bend sheet metal to a designated angle. The material is clamped between a table and adjustable fingers, and when the levers are lifted, it creases the material along the clamped line and creates an angle in the material. This machine is best suited for light forming of materials (maximum .063” thickness).

A sheet metal shear, similar to a pair of scissors, uses a blade to slice thinner material to size. Material is slid into position under the blade and when the lever is pressed, the blade advances into the material and shears it to the designated size. This machine is best suited for cutting thinner sheet metals (materials .063” and under).

Sheet metal slip rollers are used to form sheet metal into cylindrical and conical shapes. Material is fed into the 2 drive rollers and a handle is rotated to feed the material through. An adjustable third roller is situated behind the 2 drive rollers and can be moved closer to or further away from the drive rollers to form tighter or looser curves in the material. The third roller is independently adjustable on the left and right side allowing for more complex shapes like cones to be produced.


  • Maximum width: 30"
  • Maximum capacity mild steel: 22-gauge at full width
  • Sheet Metal Break
    • Number of fingers: 7
    • Width of fingers: 1", 2", 3", 4" (2), 6", and 10"
  • Sheet Metal Shear
    • Maximum Width of Cut: 30"
    • Maximum Thickness: .063"
  • Sheet Metal Slip Rollers
    • Rollers: 3; 2 to drive the material, 1 to form the material
    • Roller Diameter: 2.5"
    • Minimum Forming Diameter: 4"
    • Maximum Width: 36"
    • Maximum Thickness: .063"
    • Accessories: Equipped with wire/rod grooves to form cylindrical material

Approved Materials

  • Wood
  • Aluminum (extra caution needed for small stock)
  • Plastics

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