Bionics Docs


Parts of the year

Our team generally breaks the year up into blocks

  • Preseason
    The preseason usually starts 1 week after school starts and runs until build season starts.

  • Build Season
    The Build Season start date is announced by FIRST and is generally the first or second Saturday in January.

  • Competition Season The competition season follows build season and generally starts with the “week 0” event and runs until the end of the world championships.

  • Off-season
    Following the world championships, the off-season starts and runs until school gets out.

  • Summer
    Usually the team does not meet.


A rough list of events and happenings in each of the blocks.


  • Parent Meeting
    • Mandatory meeting for new and returning members
    • Discuss Friends of 4909 fundraiser
    • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Yankee Doodle parade
  • Trainings
    • Tool Training
    • CAD Training
    • Design Challenges
    • Safety Training
  • Off-season Events

Build Season

  • Kickoff

Competition Season

  • Week 0 (off-season event, usually the weekend before competition season starts)
  • 2 district events
  • District Championship (for teams that qualify)
  • World Championship (for teams that qualify)


  • Battle Cry @ WPI (Usually in May)
  • Student Leadership Elections/Selection for the following season


  • No scheduled events