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5 Year Goals

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These goals were created by the Leadership Team after the 2022 season. Collaborators: Anuva, Ayati, Blake, Caleb, Chris, Dhvan, Luis, Peyton, Scott, Vaanathi

  1. DEVELOP our program to win the Impact Award at a district event, have 75 active students learning from and contributing to the team, to build up local robotics programs(FTC/FLL/Vex), and to create an informative and engaging training program that prepares every student to be a valuable part of the team.

  2. Achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM with a yearly budget of 100k which ensures all team members have access to events and ensure compromises are made based on their merit not financial limitation while enabling the program to grow with new technology and manufacturing capabilities.

  3. Build on the team’s COMPETITIVE track record by consistently qualifying for DCMP and Championships, consistently compete in finals at all attended district events and make it out of our division at DCMP.

  4. BUILDING OUR BRAND to be a recognizable part of our school, our local community, and the FIRST community, by adopting a brand guide, designing the robot with a signature look, and hosting numerous yearly events, including an offseason competition.