Bionics Docs

2023 Goals

These goals were created by the Leadership Team after the 2022 season. Collaborators: Anuva, Ayati, Blake, Caleb, Chris, Dhvan, Luis, Peyton, Scott, Vaanathi


  1. Create a subteam to focus on Chairman’s/Impact/EI and outreach early in the season and submit the Impact & EI Awards.
  2. Run and document 2 outreach events in our community.
  3. Develop an 8 week training plan over the summer to implement when school starts to build skills enabling faster design iterations.
  4. Reach out to 3 classrooms (eg. Physics, APCS, Business) in the fall to recruit new members to bring in 15 new advanced team members who are likely to stick with the team increasing our retention.

Financial Freedom

  1. Fundraising Target $90k
    • $60k Corporate Sponsorships
    • $10k Fundraisers
    • $10k Friends of 4909
    • $10k Offseason
  2. Create short 1-2 min recap videos to send to sponsors
  3. Acquire new sponsors
  4. Measure the efficacy of our emails


Competition Goals

  1. Win a district event.
  2. Qualify for DCMP.
  3. Qualify for Champs.
  4. Achieve at least semi-finals in every competition.

Technical Goals

  1. Locations for wiring, electronics, sensors are implemented into the mechanical design process and the design review and followed through with so that wires can be easily traced and will not be in danger of breaking or tearing out of electronics.
  2. Implement a prototyping system during build season which allows for quick iteration and connects all subsystems together in order to get substantial feedback to what works, what should be better, and what needs to change.
  3. Code with consistent conventions and comments throughout code.
  4. Implement Github workflow so that code can be assigned to a team member, written, reviewed, and combined with robot code.
  5. All subsystems are designed to be able to be replaced or changed by taking out 4 bolts. Design for Assembly and Manufacture: every design is created and reviewed with the current team manufacturing and assembling capability in mind.

Building our Brand

  1. Complete a branding guide which describes proper use of team logo.
  2. Design a new team mascot.
  3. Design and create a new team flag.
  4. Extend our brand into competitions by hosting an offseason event.