Bionics Docs

The Team

The Bionics pride themselves on being a student led, student driven team.

These guidelines will take effect for the 2022 season

Active Team Member

To be considered an active team member, students must meet these requirements:

  • Attend more than 70% of team meetings (be sure to check in if you arrive late)
  • Participate in team fund-raisers
  • Contribute $200 (via Friends of 4909 or Corporate Donations) [$300 max per family]

Active Team Member Benefits

Only active members are afforded these privileges:

  • Eligible to attend competition events with the team
  • Eligible to remain connected to internal team communication (slack)
  • Eligible for elected and nominated positions
  • Varsity Letter after first full season
  • Varsity Pin after second full season
  • Seniors receive regalia after participation during their senior year