Bionics Docs

Student Leadership Roles

Leadership roles are mentor assigned with input from the team via a secret ballot poll. The mentors work to make the best selections for the success of the team. The mentors take many aspects into account, including attendance from the prior season.

Team Structure:

graph TD TEAM[Team Captain] TEAM --- RL["Robot Lead"] RL --- BL[Subsystem Leads] RL --- SWL[Software Lead] TEAM --- TOL[Team Operations Lead] TOL --- SAFETY[Safety Captain] TOL --- COMM[Marketing/Communications] TOL --- COMMUNITY[Outreach] TOL --- Awards[Awards/Impact] TOL --- MONEY[Treasurer/Quartermaster]

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A team leader must demonstrate
    • strong communication skills
    • a solid understanding of their domain
    • effective project management skills
    • ability to make the time commitment

All team leads are responsible for

  • Communicate with mentors to keep at least one adult mentor in the loop.
  • Organizing and aligning work to support team goals.
  • Each team lead will choose an award to focus on.

Team Captain

The team captain acts as the President/CEO of the team and works to oversee all team functions and ensure all team members are included and able to be effective.


  1. Bridge the gap between Technical Leaders and Operations Leaders.
  2. Reminding members of the obligations under the team member agreement.
  3. Ensure Woodie Flowers award is submitted.

Robot Lead

The Robot Lead is responsible for all technical aspects of the robot design and construction. The Robot Lead is often a junior or a senior with 2-3 years of experience on the team.


  1. Ensure Engineering notebook is created before first competition.
    • Notebook should be written for an audience of Judges at event who may be non-technical.
    • Document robot changes and iterations for future learning.
  2. Part Release workflow and handoff from design to manufacturing.
  3. Coordinate and organize meetings, call-to-order to get the team moving in the same direction.
  4. Manage robot judging process, ensure there are team members trained and able to put our best foot forward to the judges
  5. Oversee robot inspection and be prepared to assist with inspection as needed by the pit crew.
  6. Familiar with all aspects of the robot to ensure the correct team members are present when needed.

Deputy Robot Lead

The Deputy Robot Lead works to support the Robot Lead. Deputy Robot Lead is often a team member training for the Robot Lead role.


  1. Focus on communication between the subsystems and software.
  2. Work to connect subsystem leads to ensure seamless integration.
  3. Assist robot lead as needed and fill in when needed.

Subsystem Leads

The Subsystem Leads oversee a single robot subsystem (for example drivetrain, or shooter). A subsystem lead usually has at least one year of experience on the team. Subsystem Leads are often paired with at least one mentor who works alongside them “in the trenches” throughout the season.


  1. Ensures a weekly summary write-up is submitted to the Operations team for the blog post.
  2. Lead design, Manufacture and Assembly of designated subsystem.
  3. Communication with other team leads working closely with software lead.
  4. Lead conversation about subsystem with team members and capture and refine ideas, make all members feel heard and engaged.
  5. Ensure team is accountable to design review feedback.
  6. Engage subsystem team members in process.
  7. Be responsible for subsystem’s section of engineering notebook.
  8. Choose an award to focus on when writing materials for the engineering notebook.

Software Lead

Software is what separates GOOD teams from GREAT teams. The software lead works closely with the build leads and electrical lead to understand how the robot will work, what motors and sensors are needed to achieve the goals. The software lead also works to balance development time between robot code and scouting system projects both need to be achieved with limited time and resources.


  1. Write and maintain the codebase for the robot.
  2. Support and delegate work to all members of software team.
  3. Work closely with subsystem leads to ensure placement and planning for sensors and electronics.
  4. Use git workflow with trunk based development, code reviews with subteam members.
  5. Ensure documentation is created for software related awards (eg. Innovation in Control, Autonomous).
  6. Design, develop, and maintain a scouting system.

Team Operations Lead

Work closely with all team members to facilitate communication, awards, outreach, fundraising. Operations Project Management, structure, schedule and execute.


  1. Appoint members to subroles (Safety Captain, Marketing & Communications, Outreach, Awards/Impact, Treasurer/Quartermaster).
  2. Ensure we have a killer business plan and coordinate its presentation to judges at events.
  3. Keep Lead Mentor on schedule for sending out corporate sponsorship.

Safety Captain


  1. Ensures safety binder is up to date
  2. Encourages and builds safety culture within the team
  3. Helps coordinate tool training in the preseason with assistance from mentors.
  4. Presents Shop safety procedures to the team in preseason.

Marketing & Communications


  1. Ensure events are documented and promotional recap videos created.
  2. Foster team culture of document events
  3. Keep sponsors updated with weekly updates during the build season.
  4. School newsletter and TV advertising slides for recruiting events and competitions.



  1. Ensure outreach events are organized and manage logistics.



  1. Coordinate efforts for the Impact(Chairman’s) award (Presentation, Materials, etc).
  2. Coordinate efforts for Engineering Inspiration.



  1. Inventory, help keep track of what we have and what we need to purchase to build the robot, including parts and tools.
  2. Financial Freedom, keep track of finances help coordinate Friends of 4909 and other fundraisers.